Fire Extinguisher Dry Powder 2 KG


To be worn in conjunction with an approved lifejacket
Can be unpacked, donned and secured in less than 2 min
Fitted with 400 cm2 of LALIZAS SOLAS retro-reflective tape
Permanent Hands cover with neoprene gloves or rubber…


Covers whole body, apart from face
Highly visible red color
Ergonomically tested, per MSC/circ980
Thermally Insulated: has passed all MSC/Circ980 tests
Diesel-Oil Resistant: has passed all MSc/Circ 980 tests
Flame Resistant: has passed all MSC/Circ980 tests
Has been submitted successfully to water ingress, jump and leak tests, per MSC/circ 980
Stowage Temperature: -30oC to +56oC (Temperature Cycling Tests per MSC/Circ 980)
Can be combined with Lifejacket Lights range

– Neoprene material
– Neoprene gloves or Rubber gloves
– Original SOLAS retro reflective tape, code: 70180
– Buddy line with special pocket case
– Extra safe zipper. Shields the suit & prevents water penetration

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LALIZAS Dry Powder Fire extinguishers is a range of Marine multi-purpose dry powder fire extinguishers with pressure gauge suitable for suppression of fires caused by flammable liquids, gases, oils, ordinary solid combustibles and energized electrical equipment.

1 and 2 kg LALIZAS Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers perfectly cover the needs of recreational boats: a seamless Aluminium alloy cylinder makes this Marine Fire Extinguisher lighter and more resistant to corrosion, at the same time this fire extinguisher ensures high fire suppression and easy use. Marine plastic bracket, as standard equipment, suits for vertical and horizontal mounting and keeps fire extinguisher captive during turns and bad weather conditions.

3, 6, 9 kg LALIZAS Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers meet the needs of Recreational & Commercial Marine Market and should be chosen in accordance to flag /boat requirements
(Recreational) or fire plan of the vessel (Commercial).

The shock – proof pressure gauge provides an accurate indication while the mild steel cylinder of the Marine Fire Extinguisher assures endurance even in Maritime environment.