Fire Isolator:
Ensuring Safety and Peace of Mind

Woell Marine introduces an innovative product, the Fire Isolator, which offers numerous advantages for enhanced fire safety. Fire Isolator is a groundbreaking fire safety device that effectively prevents fires from spreading, minimizing damage and ensuring the safety of individuals and properties. As an exclusive distributor, Woell Marine recognizes the importance of offering this exceptional product to their customers, and provides a seamless purchasing experience.


The Fire Isolator boasts several key benefits that make it a superior choice for fire prevention. Firstly, it detects fires at an early stage, promptly alerting individuals and initiating a rapid response. This advanced detection capability significantly reduces the risk of fire-related accidents and allows for timely evacuation.


Secondly, the Fire Isolator’s cutting-edge technology automatically isolates the fire’s origin, preventing it from spreading to other areas. By containing the fire, the device minimizes property damage and potentially saves lives. This unique feature sets the Fire Isolator apart from traditional fire suppression systems, making it an indispensable tool for both residential and commercial applications.


Furthermore, the Fire Isolator is easy to install and requires minimal maintenance, ensuring hassle-free usage. It is suitable for various environments, including homes, offices, industrial facilities, and marine applications, making it a versatile fire prevention solution.


Fireisolator Water Mist Lance Set: Unleash the Power of Water Against Fire!

Introducing the Fireisolator Water Mist Lance Set, a revolutionary fire-fighting tool now available exclusively at Woell Marine. Harnessing the power of water mist technology, this advanced system delivers unparalleled fire suppression capabilities. Safeguard your property with the ultimate defense against fires. Explore the Fireisolator Water Mist Lance Set today and experience the next level of fire safety.

Discover the Fireisolator Aerosol Unit, a compact yet mighty fire protection solution available at Woell Marine. Engineered with cutting-edge aerosol technology, this advanced unit swiftly suppresses fires, minimizing damage and ensuring utmost safety. Say goodbye to traditional bulky systems and embrace the power of compact fire protection. Explore the Fireisolator Aerosol Unit today and revolutionize your fire safety measures.

Fireisolator Aerosol Unit: Compact Fire Protection, Maximum Safety!

FireBlanket Ultimate FI-BL0906: Unleash Unmatched Fire Suppression!

Introducing the FireBlanket Ultimate FI-BL0906, the ultimate fire suppression solution, now available exclusively at Woell Marine. With its advanced heat-resistant fabric and innovative design, this fire blanket provides unparalleled protection against flames, sparks, and heat. Embrace the power of ultimate fire suppression and safeguard your surroundings with the FireBlanket Ultimate FI-BL0906. Discover superior fire safety today!

  • Fire Isolator
    FireBlanket Ultimate FI-BL0906

    Use of a high temperature fire blanket (up to 1600°C, tested to ISO EN 13501-1) to isolate and control the fire and prevent collateral damage. Note that a blanket alone will NOT extinguish the fire in the battery. It provides control of the situation.

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  • Fire Isolator
    Aerosol Unit

    The use of aerosol units, which interrupts the chemical chain reactions occurring in the flames and suppresses the fire resulting in further temperature reduction.

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  • Fire Isolator
    Water Mist Lance Set

    The use of a water mist lance to spray a water mist over the blanket in order to reduce toxic fumes and smoke and to keep the car cooled.

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