Portable gas detectors

From your lifeboats, davits and release systems, personal life-saving equipment to fire protection systems and rescue equipment in accordance with SOLAS regulations as well as load tests and innovative remote inspections by drones. Our qualified technicians carry out necessary inspections and certifications, take care of spare parts if needed and carry out necessary repairs. In addition, we also offer the delivery of new equipment in each of our areas of competence.

  • Riken Keiki

    An expanded and improved form of Riken Keiki’s successful RI-415 / RX-415 models. The RX-8000 series is designed for the measurement of hydrocarbons and oxygen in inert gas or air atmospheres using Riken Keiki’s proven RX-415 IrDA sensor technology. It is typically used to measure the gas concentration in tanks or pipelines during inerting or… Continue reading Riken Keiki

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  • Riken Keiki

    Smallest and lightest 4 gas monitor. Combustibles 100%LEL, O2, CO, H2S. 58mm (W) × 65mm (H) × 26mm (D) / Approx.100g. High performance ultra-compact sensors (including 2 in 1 dual). Perfect for the breathing zone. IP66/68(2m, 1h). Loud alarm buzzer 95dB at 30cm. Optional accessories including external electric pump. Successor to a flagship model GX-2009.

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  • RX8700x

    Riken Keiki

    RX-8700 users typically use them to measure gas concentrations in tanks or piping during inerting/purging and tank maintenance work. Their advanced sensor technology gives accurate gas measurement even in Nitrogen (N2) and other inert environments.The RX-8700 has accurate measurement over the entire range of target hydrocarbons up to 100% by volume. …


    Users benefit from dual auto-ranging technology that allows the instruments to automati-cally switch from a 0 – 100% LEL to a 0 – 100% volume range.The RX-8700 has an internal pump that samples at 750ml per minute. The RX-8700 has a clear and intuitive digital display. The Instruments are explosion proof and intrinsically safe and are ATEX approved.The RX-8700 has a compact and lightweight but very robust design. They are powered by a Lithium Ion battery pack. This gives over 15 hours of continuous operation as well as being quick to charge.The RX-8700 has additional features that include Pilot and pump driving indicator, activating confirmation beep (1-minute intervals) and Bump Test function. Users have IrDA communications and Password Protection available. Data logger software is available as an option.The RX-8700 is designed specifically for Crude Oil Tankers. It uses an IR sensor to measure hydrocarbon vapours over two ranges; 0 – 100% LEL and 0 – 100% volume. The Oxygen measurement range is 0-40% Volume using a Galvanic Sensor. The RX-8700 will also measure Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) using an Electro-Chemical cell, over a 0-1000ppm range.

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  • RX-8500

    Riken Keiki

    • 4 measuring gas available
      Many kind of roles with 1 unit in LNG carrier,
      – CH4/O2 measurement in cargo tank
      – O2/CO/CO2 measurement at the outlet of Inert Gas Generator
      – OO2 measurement in cargo tank
    • Infrared ray sensor for CH4
      Dual range detection of CH4 in …


      %vol and %LEL (Automatically switches ) in inert gas
      ・Intrinsically safe (ATEX/IECEx)
      Explosion proof class: Exia II CT4
      ・Equivalent to ingress proof rating IP67

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