Hatch cover tests (UTS):
Fast, safe testing with ultrasound

If hatch covers are leaking, water damage is imminent. Moisture penetrates the cargo, the quality of the cargo may be considerably impaired and, in the worst case, the ship may suffer serious damage. It is therefore necessary to check the tightness of hatch covers regularly. The most effective method for this is an ultrasonic test, as also offered by Woell Marine.


In this test, an ultrasonic sensor is positioned in the hold. It measures how much sound penetrates the cargo hatches. If the recorded value exceeds a certain limit, this indicates a leak. The leakage can be precisely located immediately and remedied without delay.


In addition, the ultrasound method offers many other advantages: It can be carried out during normal laytime and also when fully loaded, at sea or in sub-zero temperatures. Only one person is required to perform the test. Since the results of the test are precise and reliable, they are usually also recognised by insurers. This makes hatch cover testing simple and efficient. The results of the inspection are immediately available in the form of a digital report.

Use our ultrasonic test to avoid high costs due to leaking hatches and ensure that your cargo arrives undamaged at the port of destination!

Are you interested in a hatch cover test with ultrasound? We look forward to your enquiry!

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