Woell Marine and SV Werder Bremen - where tradition meets innovation and success is based on shared values!

“Our decision to accompany Werder Bremen as a proud sponsor is based on a logical conclusion. As a northern German company, we feel closely connected to the region and carry similar values as the club in our hearts. Werder Bremen is not only a football club, but also a symbolic figure for the identity and cohesion of the people in northern Germany. This solidarity is also reflected in our actions and services as Woell Marine, as we are always committed to the success of our customers and partners.”

Sascha Woell, Manging Director


With our partnership, we want to take the positive aspects of sport and transfer them to the maritime industry. Like Werder Bremen on the pitch, we are motivated in the maritime world to perform at our best, to be innovative and to tackle challenges with determination. We share a passion for social commitment and work together to promote sustainability and environmental protection. Because we are aware that we are not only responsible for our success, but also for shaping a better and sustainable future. We at Woell Marine are proud to be part of the Werder family and look forward to a successful and exciting partnership. Together we will carry the values of team spirit, fairness and excellence into the world of maritime technology.


All-female teams are nothing new in the sport. But WS Racing has taken this approach a step further: the result is an all-female team in and out of the cockpit. It consists of female drivers and mechanics who are united by their love of racing. The GIRLS ONLY racing team is unique worldwide and designed for performance. Since 2022, Woell Marine has supported the dedicated crew because there are many things they have in common – for example, responsiveness, reliability and a passion for high performance, which are just as important in our business as they are in racing.

You have to be 11 friends or 11 girlfriends -

We are very pleased that women’s soccer is becoming increasingly popular in Germany. That’s why Woell Marine supports the women’s team of the long-established club SSC Hagen Ahrensburg with various sponsorship measures. Especially since there are many similarities with the sport of soccer: Our business is also based on teamwork and the cohesion of a strong team. Together with our partners around the world, we ensure unique safety on ships through the sale, maintenance and repair of safety equipment. Moreover, Ahrensburg is only a stone’s throw away from our home port of Hamburg. So we can combine our work around the globe with the support of a local association!