Hydro Accumulator HBS

HENNLICH bladder accumulators are hydropneumatic pressure accumulators that can be used in a wide variety of hydraulic systems. The function of hydraulic accumulators is based on using the compressibility of a gas (nitrogen) to either store a hydraulic fluid and return it to the system when required (pressure reduction). HENNLICH bladder accumulators can be supplied in different designs depending on the required approval regulations or application criteria.


HENNLICH bladder accumulators are characterised by a high reaction speed and an adjustable pre-charge pressure adapted to the system.


    1.  Long service life
    2. Wide range of versions available (for different temperature ranges and system media)
    3. Extensive range of accessories





  • Hennlich
    Hydro Accumulator HBS

    Volume: 1 to 57 litres, Operating pressure: 330 bar to 350 bar, Standard temperature range: -20°C to +80°C, Application: For energy saving, for emergency operation in case of pump failure, as pressure holding function, for pulsation damping or for suspension, Application range: Industrial and mobile hydraulics on request with ATEX, RL94/9 EG, SELO, TR CU… Continue reading Hennlich
    Hydro Accumulator HBS

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